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Starting February 2018 we changed our format in an effort to get more local musicians too participate. Starting February, 10th we are changing our sets from four 45 minute sets to two 90 minute sets During the first 90 minutes if you play any bluegrass instrument or sing and you want to go on stage and have the house band back you up then you will be able to signup as you come in. You will need to give your name the name of the songs you want to sing and the instrument you will be playing. the house band will do two or three of their own songs and then we will invite someone up to do a couple and so on. You will be called up in the order you sign up when you come in. We have lots of musicians in our organization that never get the chance to go on stage and play because they don't have a band. This will fix that! I encourage everyone that sings and or plays any bluegrass instrument to come and be with us each month and participate in this part of the show.







We are now booking for 2020 please call Mickey Sellers at 843-254-0502



We are booked up for 2019



Bands For 2019

January 12th Charlottetowne  Collective

February 9th Destination Bluegrass Band
March 9th Grass Strings
April 13th Jus'Cauz Band
May 11th Southern Gentlemen
June 8th Aynortowne Bluegrass Band
July 13th Carolina Divide
                                                    Host  2020

Morris Brothers & Dixie Station will host the first 90 minuets on January, 11 2019

August 10th End Of The Road Band
September 14th Morris Brothers & Dixie Station
October 12th Ted Jones & The Tarheels
November 9th Travis Frye And Blue Mountain
December 14th Flatland Express



                                                   Host  2019

Aynortowne Bluegrass Band host the first ninety minuets each month where they invite musicians that do not have a band to come to the stage and perform where they can experience being backed by a full bluegrass band. Except the months listed below. These months Aynortowne will be the featured band.

June 8th The End Of The Road Band will host this month.









Bands For 2020

January 11th Second Chance Bluegrass Band
February 8th Josh Greene & The New Ridgeside Band
March 14th The Morris Brothers & Dixie Station
April 11th The Grass Strings









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