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We are now booking for 2019 please call Mickey Sellers at 843-254-0502


Starting November we now have food again. That's right we will severing food starting at 4:00 pm every second Saturday of each month. Now you don't have to hunt somewhere to eat before you go to the concert. So come on out and enjoy the jamming while you eat. The menu will posted in the newsletter and on here as I recieve the info. The food was really good November...........

 Note from the President

In 1996 when RBS was chartered with the state as a 501 c3 non- proffit organization we did not charge any admission, but at the same time RBS did not pay bands to play. Jamming was a very large part of the concert each month. To be honest in the beginning jamming is what started the whole thing. I remember going to RBS  and Lynches River and as soon as you got out of your car even before you open the door to the building you could hear bluegrass ringing everywhere. You couldn't go anywhere in or around the building where there wasn't a group of musicians jamming. McRoy Gardner would go around to the different groups and they would form a band right out of the jam where they would go on stage and perform a set. The problem with that was, to keep a place that would accommodate the jammers, to have it's own sound system, and have a stage where the forming bands could hone their skills on stage, to an audience, in a professional setting, mint we had to have money. So when RBS was established as a 501 c3 organization and could start charging admission everyone paid their part to get everything started. Over the years we have lost that every large part of our concerts. I think we need to do everything we can to bring that back to our concerts. I think we need to encourage our young musicians by letting them perform on stage. I will give one group of musicians each month formed from the jam session, time on stage for three songs. This time will be after the second set before intermission and is to encourage new and young musicians to hone their skills in bluegrass music.  I also think we need to teach those young people that want to learn how to play by setting up work shops or even asking our musicians to do one on one coaching. If you know anyone that wants to learn please let one of the board members know at one of our concerts. We will make every effort to see that they get the coaching they want or need.

Please pass the word to all musicians and young people wanting to learn.

Mickey Sellers


All bands that play for Rivertown Bluegrass Society is expected to play Bluegrass Music. There will be no more songs country, rock, beach. ETC. done the way the artist recorded them. If you can take the lyrics and change them to bluegrass with the bluegrass punch then that will be fine. A good example is Jimmy Martin!!!!!  The best there was! The king of Bluegrass!!  Danny Paisley is Another also James King, Some of the best Bluegrass Music out there today is Danny Paisley.  Rivertown Bluegrass Society will get back to Bluegrass Music!!!

All bands are asked to dress at least a dressy causal. No faded jeans or with holes, no ball caps, no tennis shoes. Please help us to keep bluegrass a notch above the rest.